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Product @ Intuit’s AI-driven tax team. My expertise lies with Fintech, ranging from B2C to freelancers and SMBs. Based in SF.


  • Ben Thomas

    Ben Thomas

  • Eva Drago

    Eva Drago

    Co-Founder & CPO at Beelinguapp. Previously at Techstars, Meetup, Troops, Bond Street. Roots in management consulting. Studied at Cornell.

  • Robert Drury

    Robert Drury

    Helping people kick start their product management career with product coaching, job application prep, and product resources at

  • Curtis Stanier

    Curtis Stanier

    Director of Product at @DeliveryHeroCom. Formerly @HelloFresh, @BBC, @Atos. Passion for product, business &tech. I like helping people solve problems. Berlin

  • Julian Schulte

    Julian Schulte

    Founder & CEO of

  • Mimoza Hasani

    Mimoza Hasani

  • dannyo


    Director of Product, Growth

  • Justin Wimmer

    Justin Wimmer

    Product Manager @Taxfix

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