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Product @ Kontist. Formerly @ Wundertax. My expertise lies with Fintech, ranging from B2C to freelancers and SMBs. Based in Berlin.

Building a knowledge multiplier to openly exchange the topics of your passion

One of our Product mastermind group sessions

Five years ago I relocated to Berlin from Tel-Aviv. My move to Berlin was purely professional, and so I was eager to get involved in the local ecosystem and learn how Product is being done in locations that are different than Tel-Aviv.

A Rocket Internet Product culture

Back then, Berlin was deeply influenced by the many years of somehow successful Rocket Internet companies, which in its core meant — “copy an existing successful business model from abroad, raise as much as possible, spend it as fast as possible, and sell it as fast as possible”.

This came with a cost. Establishing a top-down business-driven culture…

Questions PMs and Engineering Leads must ask to foster a stronger relationship and a better roadmap

Emily Morter via Unsplash

Too many non-technical PMs I’ve met throughout the years didn’t know how to challenge their engineering team when considering features. This led to non-productive prioritization discussions, or worst, no discussions at all.

Coming from a business background, having trade-off discussions with my tech lead used to be an uncomfortable thought. One time, early in my Product career, my tech lead and I were finalizing our quarterly roadmap. As he was raising his suggestions and estimations, I was trying to poke holes to better understand how we can reduce estimations while hitting our goals. It came across as offensive and led…

Turning your 1:1 meetings into meaningful connections

Matt Chalwell on Dribbble

I’m a firm believer in “human compound interest” — as in the connections one makes today mutually multiplying themselves throughout the years. I relate to the approach outlined by Mike Steib in his First Round article about building meaningful networks:

“Your success at building a network is founded on one very important mindset: that you’re doing it based on your desire to know, appreciate, and help other people”.

There are multiple apps that help with finding your counterpart or to strengthen connections with family and friends, but almost none when it comes to the growth of your professional network. Even…

What are the challenges PMs are currently facing and what are the best practices to overcome them?

Photo by airfocus via Unsplash

Let me be upfront: five years ago I was a lawyer turned product and I was overwhelmed. It seemed product managers struggle despite following much of the best practices associated with product management, myself included.

Five years later, after growing with three startups, I was privileged to guide dozens of other product managers in 1:1 mentoring sessions. As I was concluding my last session, I’ve taken the time to reflect on the main topics that were raised. …

Arthur Mor

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